The exhibition of Teréz Sulyok

Paintings by Teréz Sulyok at the 27th Water, Music, Flower Festival in the Turkish Gateway!


Fine art exhibition
In honor of the 300th anniversary of the birth of Jakab Fellner at the 27th Water, Music, Flower Festival
Dóra Giczi
Brigitta Simon-Gonda
Teréz Sulyok
Kálmán Varga B.
his works are on display
The Fellner 300 traveling exhibition, created under the professional guidance of the Kuny Domokos Museum, can also be seen in the hall.
The 11 tables in the exhibition present 11 important chapters of the life of Jakab Fellner (1722-1780), covering the entire oeuvre.
The professional text of the boards was compiled by the staff of the Kuny Domokos Museum.
The graphic works of the Molinos were done by Géza Görözdi, the photos come from the collection of Elemér Révhelyi, perhaps the most significant local history researcher in Tata.
The floral arrangements on display are the work of florists.


Tatai Vár, Török-kori átjáró


Víz, Zene,Virág Fesztivál Nonprofit Kft.

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